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2021 Fashion Trends to Watch For

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2021 Fashion Trends to Watch For

March 30, 2021

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Fashion trends come and go even faster each year as the internet and various social media platforms expand. With social media being such a large influence, it plays an even larger part in fast changing trends, especially when it comes to fashion trends. From floral patterns and boot cut jeans, to air force looks and puffer jackets, fashion is continuously changing, and trends from the early 2000’s are completely different from the trends of 2021.

So what are the fashion trends of 2021? Beginning with feminine clothing and accessories, there are many different styles that create such diverse aesthetics. The most popular aesthetics of 2021 include E-girl, Indie, Streetwear, Soft girl, and Y2K. These trendy fashion styles all have certain aspects that make each aesthetic unique.

For example, the E-girl style consists of chain necklaces, two tone colored hair, and black clothing, whereas the street wear style consists of baggy jeans, sneakers, hats, and graphic tees. Unlike the E-girl style, the Indie wardrobe has many bright colors and funky accessories. Y2K is a style primarily based on early 2000’s fashion, while the Soft Girl aesthetic contains many pastel colors, hair barrettes, and anything adorable.

Masculine fashion also has its own particularly trendy aesthetics. The most popular styles of 2021 include Skater, Streetwear, E-boy, Athletic, and Indie. The Skater aesthetic consists of baggy jeans and pants, sweaters or t-shirts, rings, and beanies, while the Indie aesthetic is full of vibrant colors, with the most popular color being green. This style includes baggy pants, funky sweaters, and market bags.

Trends that appear in the professional fashion industry are oftentimes unrelated to the trends you usually see on social media. According to Vogue, one of the biggest trends in runway fashion 2020 was dresses or shirts that have balloon-like sleeves. Cosmopolitan states that this attire was demonstrated in big-named fashion companies such as Givenchy, Fendi, and Chanel. These runway fashion trends also included an abundance of fuzzy plaid cardigan tops, long silk dresses and skirts, and large brightly-colored faux-fur jackets

Whether it be a trendy jacket or a super chic hairstyle, fashion is constantly changing and becoming more diverse as the years go by. Young people are influenced by fashion icons and social media stars on the daily. With the amount of diversity being incorporated into the fashion world, and the variety of culture displayed on social media, there will be absolutely no boundaries for generations to come.

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