Photo courtesy of Sierra Krett

Sierra Krett and her puppy, Kaia. Photo courtesy of Sierra Krett.

The Pros of Having Pets

February 23, 2021

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For hundreds of years, people have gone to their pets in their darkest times. Pets have always been there by their owners’ sides to comfort them and provide them with an escape from their troubles. At no time has this role been more vital, perhaps, than during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the Washington Post, pet adoptions have skyrocketed since the beginning of the quarantine last March. With people staying home, it has been the perfect time to bond with a pet. Some people who have adopted pets in 2020 call them “quarantine pets.”

The Washington Post states that 2020 alone had a 15% rise in pet adoptions, with PetPedia reporting that 12% of adults with children adopted a new pet due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the American Pet Productions Association (APPA) found that about 67% of American households now own pets, with an estimated number of over 393 million pets.

In a poll conducted by FCHS Journalism on Instagram, the most commonly found pets that was adopted by Flucos over quarantine were dogs and cats. Other answers included hamsters and two horses. The two main reasons respondents cited for adopting pets during the pandemic were that wanting “something new” and a need for “companionship.”

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that having a furry companion can lead to many health benefits, such as a decreased sense of loneliness, as well as lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Since human contact has been limited during the pandemic, adopting a companion can help distract from the stresses of life.

The CDC also notes that having a pet can lead to an increase in exercise and social opportunities. There are numerous online communities for socialization and advice for pet owners. and are just two of the many examples found online. These communities offer many features from advice boards to adoption features to pet posting.

Entertaining videos of cute animals can make anyone’s day just a little bit better. A wag of a furry tail, a purr of contentment, or the scamper of little feet on a wheel can have a positive effect. According to PetPedia, the production of pet products was estimated to be around $99 billion in 2020. As pets are very important to people, they are willing to spend a lot of money on their furry companions, which can lead to some downsides of having pets.

Pets are expensive and require time and love and can carry germs. According to the CDC, it’s best to always wash your hands after handling your pet or its belongings. Some pets, such as guinea pigs and gerbils, are social and for the best care should be owned in pairs. Other pets, such as beta fish and hamsters, shouldn’t be kept in pairs or more as they will kill or inflict wounds upon each other, so it’s a good idea to research pets before you buy them.

FCHS sophomore Sierra Krett is just one Fluco who got a pet as a result of the pandemic, adopting her bichon frise-mixed puppy Kaia on Aug. 11. “My favorite memory was when we first got her. She was scared and I was just holding her and telling her it was okay. Then she calmed down and I’m like, hey, I’m okay,” said Krett. The two love to watch Netflix and snuggle, with Kaia giving Krett joy and bringing a smile to her face.

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