Ways to stay positive during Covid

Photo provided by countryliving.com under the Creative Commons Act

Photo provided by countryliving.com under the Creative Commons Act

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According to some speculations, Covid-19 has been present in the U.S since as early as December. This infection spread like wild-fire, causing lockdowns all across the world. Even today, some states in the U.S. are still experiencing strict stay-at-home guidelines in order to keep others away from risk.

Due to the fact that humans are social creatures, these enforced lockdowns have proven rather difficult for many. According to Boston University, depression in adults has tripled since Corona and mandatory lockdowns hit. Not only have adults struggled, but teens as well. For lots of teenage students, school is an escape away from a troubled home. However, now that schools are closed for social distancing, students may be stuck at home in an unsafe space.

In less serious cases, teens and adults may have a peaceful home, but still experience depression-like symptoms due to isolation, and not being able to see their friends and have a normal routine.

However, no matter the circumstances, there are ways to stay positive. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a “Covid-19 alert” on the internet that described a few ways to battle depression and anxiety symptoms. These include practicing mindful breathing, taking breaks from upsetting content, reaching out to loved ones to stay connected, and taking care of your body.

“Upsetting content” can include the constant news coverage of the virus, whether it’s the latest case and death counts, or emotional stories about people who have died or lost loved ones to the virus. From the beginning of the pandemic, people were anxious to hear reports of Covid-19, hoping for some good news. However, by its nature, the news tends to focus on the negative, shocking, and sensational, presenting a potentially more dire picture than reality.

As a result, the CDC suggests that people break themselves away from the TV and internet to do some positive breathing exercises, and focus on self-care. In stressful times, it can be hard to take care of not only your mind, but your body as well. Drinking water, eating healthy, and exercising are all great ways to ensure your body is staying healthy.

In addition to keeping your physical self healthy, it’s equally important to meet your social needs as well, reaching out to loved ones via Skype or a phone call. Making a regular effort to connect with others can aid in feelings of loneliness during isolation.
Lockdowns and isolations have been extremely difficult for everyone, but even in the darkest times, there’s hope. There are a plethora of ways to stay positive, and plenty of silver linings to look at. Despite it all, people all over the world faced the same struggle and came through stronger.