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Unlimited Movies For An Affordable Price

February 21, 2018

Movies are a major form of entertainment for millions of people, bringing hours and hours of high quality films to theaters across the world.

But going out to see a movie comes with one major downside: cost.

Movie theaters are basically money vacuums, with movies costing anywhere from $12 to $15 for a single ticket. And that’s just to see the movie, any accompanying snacks or drinks can make an already large payment double. For example, a large popcorn and a large drink at AMC is almost $15.  

Luckily, there’s a new service made specifically to solve this problem: MoviePass, which gives subscribers unlimited movie visits for an entire year for one price.

MoviePass works similar to other popular subscription services like Netflix or Hulu, offering unlimited use for a monthly subscription price of $9.95 per month. That amount entitles you to see one first-run movie in participating theaters each day all year. More than 4,000 theaters in America allow the use of MoviePass, and many more are likely to join if the service really takes off.

FCHS Junior Alexis Harris is a new subscriber to MoviePass, and provided extra information about the service. “It sounded really cool, but the only real downside was that I have to wait two weeks until I can actually use it at theaters.”

Another bonus to joining MoviePass is gaining access to Fandor’s online movie streaming service, which has many indie and documentary style films you can check out.

For a limited time, MoviePass is offering the service for just $7.95 a month to new subscribers.

For more information about MoviePass including a theater map and registration information, go to

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