Fallout 76 Goes From Disappointment to Disaster

February 6, 2019



Fallout 76 box art courtesy of Bethesda under Creative Commons License

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Fallout 76 is not only a disappointment, but a slap to the face to fans of the gaming series.  

When this game was released, the initial response was positive. Then the cracks started to appear. While this game was marketed as the most innovative, immersive, best-looking, and shareable Fallout game, what buyers got was the complete opposite: a rushed out, buggy, empty and broken-excuse-of-a-game not worthy of the Fallout title.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t been lied to about what this game would be. Bethesda, the people behind Fallout, unclearly marketed this game as an experience that could be shared with friends, a huge seller to Fallout fans, as many were excited that this single-player-only game was finally changing.

Instead, players found it to be an online-only game with no private servers (meaning, you can’t actually invite your friends to play with you). And as far as innovation goes, this game is just a rebranded and glorified version of Fallout 4 with the same engine they’ve been using for 10 years, making the game feel outdated and old. At times, it resembles nothing more than gray building blocks with jagged edges.

If you look up Fallout 76 on YouTube, you’ll find no end of critical comments about the game, or examples of it being exploited. Hackers have found a way to make weapons in the games do maximum damage, and selling this ability online.They’ve also accessed items that aren’t officially in the game through hacking the game engine and going into the developer’s room.

As a result, many purchasers feel scammed. While it technically is a spinoff game, Fallout 76 is a disgrace that has left a negative mark on the Fallout series.

Those who bought the Ultimate Edition (retailing for $200) feel especially scammed. One of the main features is a bag that is made out of canvas– or was supposed to be. Bethesda switched the nice-looking canvas bag out for a bag made out of nylon material. Many customers threatened Bethesda with legal action because of the blatant false advertisement.

Now, Bethesda has all but abandoned this game and moved on to working on future projects such as Elder Scrolls Six. Those who bought Fallout 76 are left to deal with the poor servers, game-breaking glitches, hackers that run rampant to the point that they can’t stop them all, and radio silence from Bethesda.

It really is sad to see this once-beloved company fall so low .This game, and the negativity around it, will surely affect future titles.

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