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Living with ADHD

March 11, 2020

Don't Forget to Leave a Like

Tippity tap tap.

Why are they staring at me? 

Did I do something what if something happened what if we are all about to die what if-

Tippity tap tap. 

Why is the ceiling dripping? 

Has it always been dripping I should go get that fixed let me call the person to fix it- 

Tippity tap tap. 

Wait, what was the lady saying? 

Should I know that what if she asks me a question what is she even talking about-

Tippity tap tap. 

Why is it so bright? 

Why are these lights turned up so high I can’t even see my paper I’m squinting so hard- 

Tippity tap tap. 

Wait, what question was I on again? 

I can’t focus the lights are too bright water is dripping and dripping and why are they whispering- 

Tippity tap tap. 

Tap Tap. 


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