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Photo courtesy of Logan Reed

Logan Reed and her two children at Lloyd Family Farms in 2019.

New School Nurse Perseveres Through it All

February 26, 2021

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Helping people had always been a part of new FCHS School Nurse Logan Reed’s life. Growing up in Virginia, Reed’s family were lifetime members of the Mineral Fire Department. “When I was eight years old I decided that I wanted to become a nurse because helping people was my passion,” Reed stated.

Born and raised in Louisa County, she frequented the sports scene while in high school. Her passion for helping people was apparent when she helped Mark Fischer on the football field her senior year. (Louisa football coach Mark Fischer was a five-time Best Coach winner for the Jefferson District. He passed away from cancer in 2019.) In 2009, she graduated from Louisa High School.

In 2017, her desire to become a nurse was driven even deeper when she saw how her grandmother was cared for by her hospice nurse. He would comfort her grandmother and sing to her, being a light in what would be very dark times otherwise. “I saw that and thought to myself how could not I put my dreams on hold any longer, and made the decision to go back to school,” said Reed.

After marrying her husband Patrick, who served in the military, frequent moves and having a child to take care of forced Reed to put her plan of becoming a nurse aside. She was determined to make things work this time around, so she went back to school and graduated with an Associate’s in Nursing in 2020. Reed’s first job in the healthcare scene was working on the pediatric floor at UVA Medical Center. After she obtained her degree, she was able to move to the Mother-Baby floor, taking care of mothers and their newborns.

Being a mother herself with two children, age 5 and 8, Reed knew she had to do something different. With hospital hours being long, she looked for work that kept her in the healthcare scene, which led her to FCHS. Balancing work life, school (she’s currently working on her bachelor’s degree in Nursing), and her children’s schooling was her biggest goal. “I have always loved to work with teenagers and young adults from my time on the pediatric floor at UVA, so I knew this would be a great fit for me,” she said.

As the school nurse, Reed assures everyone that social distancing, wearing a mask and washing your hands are the best ways to stay as healthy as possible. “Try and keep an extra mask and hand sanitizer on you at all times and if you are ever not feeling well, please do not hesitate to come see me in the clinic,” recommended Reed.

Social distancing will be maintained at all times in the clinic until the student is picked up or released back to class. She will do everything a regular school nurse does, along with extra Covid precautions. Sanitizing every surface, administering medicine and documenting everything that is needed are just a few of the jobs a school nurse has to complete.

An interesting fact about Reed is that she lived in Colorado and Hawaii before returning to Virginia. Her daughter was born in Hawaii. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, and she is currently reading The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Piccoult.

“Always chase your dreams, no matter, and reach for the stars. You will achieve great things,” said Reed.

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