High-Flying Nicole Haseltine

Photo courtesy of Kayla Sacra

Photo courtesy of Kayla Sacra

Kayla Sacra and Blake Berry

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Nicole Catherine Haseltine, a 16-year-old junior, has been a Fluco since birth.

Haseltine has one skill few people can claim: She knows how to fly a hot air balloon, something she learned three years ago from her parents, who have a hot air balloon business.

In addition, she is the newest varsity athletic trainer and a veteran track member with two years of track under her belt. Haseltine said she enjoys track and athletic training because she likes “being around people, learning athletic training and doing my part to get a win in track.”

Although it may seem like athletics is her niche, she understands the balance with school since she wants to attend the University of Virginia for nursing.

In her free time, she and her two sisters, Kylie and Keira, help her parents with their hot air balloon business, Blue Ridge Balloon Company, which has been thriving for 17 years.