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Student Tips His Hat to CAP

Student Tips His Hat to CAP

Gabby Barber, FCHS Journalist

March 20, 2017

Frequently, the answers to the question “What do you do after school?” describe a sport. But for Junior Anthony Cruz, his after-school experience is quite different, as he spends the hours between a long school day and dinner at something called CAP. Generally considered the civilian side of the Air Fo...

Handling the Curveballs of Life

Photo Courtesy to Emily Sigmann

Christina Walker, FCHS Journalist

February 7, 2017

For many athletes, their sport career starts when they enter middle school or early in high school. However, some athletes’ careers begin early in their childhood, and FCHS baseball pitcher Andrew Ward began playing at the age of four. His parents were the ones who originally got him involved in baseball, e...

Swinging Her Way into Softball

Swinging Her Way into Softball

Kayla Sacra, FCHS Journalist

February 2, 2017

Many of those who play the game think softball is misnamed-- after all, there’s nothing “soft” about it and it just leaves bigger bruises. Still, sophomore Hannah Breeden chooses to play this tough sport alongside some of her best friends every year. Breeden has been playing ball since she was ...

A Living Miracle

Photo Courtesy to Emily Sigmann

Toria Belew, FCHS Journalist

January 30, 2017

One freshman at Fluvanna County High School has a testimony of which few students can boast: she says she was healed of epilepsy, a neurological disorder that consists of irregular brain cell activity and often results in seizures. Kaitlyn Makridis says she was healed from epilepsy when she was ten ...

Coming to the United States of America

Photo Courtesy to Emily Sigmann

Steven Fierro, FCHS Journalist

January 24, 2017

Moving to a different place is always new and different, especially moving from one country to another at the young age of 16. That’s what FCHS Senior Leonardo Ceja did four years ago when he left his old life behind and moved to the United States of America. Ceja, who is from Mexico City, came to th...

One Year in Virginia: An Exchange Student’s Perspective

One Year in Virginia: An Exchange Student’s Perspective

October 18, 2016

My name is Yolaine Scolan, and I’m a 15-year-old French exchange student. Since mid-August, I have studied at Fluvanna County High School and lived with teacher David Blaha’s family. In October 2015, I applied for the “One Year in an American High School” program with PIE (Program of Intern...

A Life of Singing

Casey Clarke (center) performing a solo with the FCHS chorus.

Kacey Hughes, FCHS Journalist

September 2, 2016

You may not know it by looking at her, but 11th grader Casey Clarke is actually from Russia.  She was born in Kirov, Russia, and was adopted when she was just six months old.  Right after being adopted, she moved to the United States and has lived in Virginia ever since.  She earned her citizenship wh...

Putting in Work on the Court

Putting in Work on the Court

Abigail Searcy, FCHS Journalist

September 1, 2016

Even though she is only a freshman, FCHS student Mya Wright has already found her place. She makes her mark by being involved with school sports teams, dedicating her time to challenging practices and strenuous workouts. “I play basketball and volleyball at FCHS. I work hard for what I want and know t...

Making His Mark in Baseball

Making His Mark in Baseball

Josh Carlton, FCHS Journalist

August 25, 2016

While some freshmen are still focusing on finding their ways around the halls of the high school, Addison Davis is one Fluco who is already making his mark at FCHS, specifically as a member of the JV baseball team. Davis is also a year-around baseball player, and plays for a travel baseball team call...

A Family of Hunters

A Family of Hunters

Denise Fierro, FCHS Journalist

August 24, 2016

In Fluvanna, one popular tradition for many is hunting, and one such advocate of the hobby is Sophomore Lydia Napier, who has been hunting with the Hell’s Bend Hunting Group, since she was seven. “It’s a cool bonding experience, especially if one of us shoots something,” said Napier. Napier hunts with ...

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