Catching Up With a Rising Star

Catching Up With a Rising Star

Colby Deforge and Matt Rafaly

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Young, up-incoming star Tiffany Houghton rocked Fluvanna County on Nov. 7, bringing her talent to the middle school, the high school, and the final Fluco football game that night.  Upon stepping on stage, Houghton caught the audience’s attention from the beginning.

When interviewed after the show, Houghton said she considers herself a singer-songwriter whose music is a mix of pop-rock with a country twist. “My musical inspirations are Shania Twain and the amazing Taylor Swift,” said Houghton. Ironically, Houghton’s stage presence, range, voice power, and look can be compared to a younger Taylor Swift. When asked if she can see herself doing anything else, Houghton said, “I really can’t. Music is what I’ve been doing my whole life and after all the work I’ve put into it, I couldn’t see myself–nor would I want to be– doing anything else.”

Houghton didn’t come to Fluvanna only to show her talent, she came to inspire possible future performers. “When I was about eight, I would do Broadway plays. My parents would take me to auditions and some I would get, and others I wouldn’t. The best play I did was when I was [the lead in] Annie. While doing performance after performance I became close with my co-stars. One, in particular–the actress who played Annie’s mom–was one of my best friends on-stage as well as off-stage,” said Houghton.

“When I finished Annie in New York, I went back to school in Texas. It was my sophomore year and we got called down to the auditorium for a surprise concert. The person performing was none other than my best friend [who played my mom] from when I was Annie. She came to my school to talk to us, tell us about performing, and even give us a show. After she finished, we talked and caught up, and because of her, I pursued performing and got to where I am. Now that I’m in the same position she was, I want to inspire others like she did me,” said Houghton.

FCHS student Bowen Reed, who is in a band with his friends, asked Houghton, “What can we do now to help us further our musical careers as you did?” Her answer was simple: “Don’t let your circumstances define your future, but let your work ethic define it for you. The most successful people fail the fastest, and to truly ‘make it’ you have to be willing to fail, but upon failing, work hard to improve. If you have the passion and the motivation, then there is nothing stopping you,” she said.

As Houghton left the stage, audience members were lined up, pushing to get a final picture with the rising star. To learn more about Houghton, view videos of her songs, and read her blog, go to